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We are a specialized group of Barristers, Solicitors and Consultants. Your freedom is our passion; your peace of mind, our delight.

Peopled with some of the brightest minds in Legal Profession in Nigeria, the Barristers, Solicitors and Consultants at Olaniyi Arije and Co. pursue given briefs with a view to shine, excel and meet the specific desire/yearning of our clientele.

We provide succour to hordes of client who hunger and thirst for justice; who desire to have formidable legal base or recognition for their business entities and who need clarity of opinion on matters of law and order.

We equally provide all categories of legal advice and support services of immense significance to the needy clients in all forms of human endeavour for worthy life and living.

Our credentials speak volume. We offer clients outstanding, speedy and kindhearted representation and quality service. We position ourselves well enough as to appreciate, understand and value the plight(s) of respective client that come our way.

We are within reach through contemporary communication apparatus and we pursue clients’ needs with all vigour, swiftness and proficiency. It is always our delight to adequately educate and inform our clients with a view of opening up their horizons so as to enable them understand and appreciate various legal options available to their respective circumstances (and or plights) and assist them in making the most appropriate choice.

We know that shoddy representation can banish the gaiety of communal living. We restore confidence in clients; thereby giving them hope and victory for matters requiring necessary legal attention and solution.

We are driven by the virtues of honesty, integrity, dedication and faithful service to all categories of client. Excellent delivery of service is our passion.

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